DANSES "NOVICE" 2016-2017

Dans l'ordre d'apprentissage :

- COUNTRY STYLE Country styleCountry style (54.52 Ko) novice

- ANDALOUSE AndalouseAndalouse (116.2 Ko) novice

- STITCHES StitchesStitches (95.1 Ko) novice +

- SINNER Sinner f noviceSinner f novice (476.49 Ko) novice +

- BIG CITY SUMMER TIMEBig city summer timeBig city summer time (95.78 Ko)

- THE HARVESTER The harvester severine fillionThe harvester severine fillion (168.29 Ko)

- GOODBYE CALIFORNIA Goodbye california 1Goodbye california 1 (92.31 Ko)

- PAVEMENT ENDS Pavement endsPavement ends (17.45 Ko)

- SUN DON'T LET ME DOWN Sun don t let me downSun don t let me down (98.07 Ko)

- LAY LOW Lay lowLay low (261.1 Ko)

- DO A LITTLE LIFE Do a little lifeDo a little life (98.41 Ko)

- HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Happy happy happy id114269Happy happy happy id114269 (6.5 Ko)

- CALL ME Call meCall me (87.53 Ko)

- 6/8/1268126812 (86.16 Ko)

- DIRT ON MY BOOTS Dirt on my bootsDirt on my boots (5.55 Ko)

- INDIAN SOUND Indian soundIndian sound (198.56 Ko)

- GO SHANTY Go shanty fGo shanty f (410.02 Ko)

- THINKIN COUNTRY Thinkin country niv 1Thinkin country niv 1 (360.94 Ko)


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